Discovering a new world

When I did my first race, in 2013, I had no idea what running would become my passion. It was all very fast, strange. He was working at a well-known restaurant in central London and the company started to prepare a team to represent the company. I, having no idea what it was, signed up just for taking a break, paid and with my colleagues. I had no idea what I was getting into. It felt like a walk in the mountains. It just seemed …

Days before the race, the person in charge of the team had shown us a video to prepare us regarding the type of race we were going to do. Although the obstacles were frightening, no one gave up and the team was very excited. As I said, we worked in a downtown restaurant, always full and the idea of spending a day in the mountains was much more attractive than the rush of work.

The race was the worldwide famous “Tough Mudder”, one of the most popular obstacle race in the world at that moment

The race was crazy, from start to finish, 21 km in the mud, going nearly straight away in an artificial pool with water below zero full of ice, more than 20 obstacles of various types. Carrying weight uphill, clay everywhere, having to cross on two occasions through electrical wires that were not just ornaments, they gave proper shock even more if you were all wet as was the case. It felt like torture and I enjoyed it all and what caught my attention the most was that everyone was happy, dirty, muddy all over, many hurts because some obstacles were not easy, but everyone smiling, helping each other, encouraging others runners even when they dont know each other, that will be forever recorded in my memory.

Exactly like the TM motto : “ Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge. I help my fellow mudders complete the course. I overcome all fears”

Imagine you leave your house to do an activity and come home a totally different person and I am not talking about the dirt on your clothes or your injuries, but about the difference that a simple activity like that can cause in your life. I was going to have fun, play and on the return trip I already felt something changing in me. I had discovered something I could do at any time of the day, whether or not I had someone to run with me. More than running, getting into the mud, jumping into clay pools, I was able to face any obstacle, no matter how scary it was and for me that was wonderful because my whole life I was afraid of the ridiculous, the rejection, the failure and from that moment, everything took second place. I wanted to run, motivate others, have fun and destroy my ghosts.

I’ll never gonna hide again, even less escape!

The next day, most of those who took part in the race took a free day and I, who hadn’t thought about it, had to work early. To my surprise i was in perfect condition, a little sore but nothing absurd. Proud, I carried my orange headband, a Tough Mudder award (orange it’s only the first, as someone runs the race more often, the color changes as if it were a martial arts belt) Detail, you only get the headband if you complete the race, no matter how or in how many hours, but you need to face these last electric wires and cross the finish line, the feeling is indescribable.

My first race is gonna be always remembered like the one who open my eyes to a new world…

Since that afternoon in 2013, 8 years have passed, I often thought about what I could do to motivate, to help people and I never decided to start, mainly because I thought that no one would pay attention to me or believe me for not having the corridor prototype that we imagine it to be the ideal. Today, at almost 41 years old, I can understand that motivating someone goes beyond stereotypes. What to motivate and something that not everyone can do. And I learned that people will listen to you if you are humble and know how to talk to them. This is my mission and I will endeavor to reach as many people as possible.

Until the next post!

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