Running to survive…

Thank you very much for joining me. In this space I will bring a little of my life since I started running, how it all originated, what was the reason, difficulties, achievements, medals, kilos less, kilos more and above all the fact that just running it won’t save your life but it will make it a lot better and fun. Let’s go!

How it all started …

I never had an athlete’s body, since my childhood the problem of extra kilos has always been a constant. I never tried diets because at that time the fever for the perfect and healthy bodies that exists today still didn’t start. I tried to play football, tennis and nothing. I had no ability and my physical condition did not help. I was not obese but my belly and lack of agility made me give up any sporting attempt right away, although I loved all sports, especially football.

When I left Chile with my family ( to Brazil) I was 20 years old and I decided to start again with Taekwondo, a martial art in which I had taken my first steps but i ended up given up, guess why. Yes. My body just didn’t follow me.

With a lot of effort and dedication, I managed to climb and grow at TKD, arriving in one of my biggest sporting victories up to that moment, the longed for Black Belt. It was a tremendous accomplishment, especially since at the time I already worked as an assistant at a gym in the region where I lived. I was a good instructor but deep down in my being I knew my limitations and I knew that over the years (I was 27 when I passed the black belt) the mobility and agility so necessary in a martial art would not increase much. At that time I had already reached my maximum height, 1m74 and was in the range of 80-85 kilos. With a lot of perseverance I left taekwondo and a year later, beginning of 2009, I started the biggest adventure of my life. Change country for a third time, this time to England. Needless to mention, after quitting the martial arts, I reached 106 kilos, something that depressed and terrified me deeply, not to mention the damage that this caused to my self-esteem.

Arriving in England, stress washed over me. New country, new culture and although I already spoke English, I had no contacts. Without friends, away from family and without work, the physical condition only got worse.

I decided to enroll in a gym, I needed to try something and even though I never ran, I rode on the treadmill and to my surprise I managed to complete 3km! It was a tremendous surprise! I had never done that in my life, tried sports, played basketball in high school but then ran 3km without stopping … I was shocked, I decided to try again the next day and even doubting, I managed to do 3km again which made me very proud although in in terms of weight and fitness, of course he had achieved nothing.

I started going to the gym and even though I had little idea of what I was doing, I kept trying. In the meantime, I was still without work and I was forced to cancel the gym which made me very sad even though I had already decided to start running in the street.

Since that day, there have been more than 600 running training sessions, including the ones I did at the gym and including the races I have already completed.

In this blog, I want to talk about many things that I hope can help you. How was my first run. My biggest challenges. I’ll be posting some of the medals and telling some fun anecdotes.

I hope, with all my heart, to contribute and motivate those people who think they are not able to run “or to catch the bus”! Believe me, I did it! And you can do it with me!

A big hug and good run!

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