How to deal with the lack of support?

One of the most difficult things to face when starting an activity is the fact that not everyone will understand you, let alone support you. Regardless of what you start to do, there will always be someone who will pull you back with negative comments or simply telling you that it is not worth trying, that it will not work or sometimes, even saying that you are not good enough to take a chance. This hurts a lot, and it hurts even more when it comes from people you least expect. Imagine how wonderful it would be to start a venture or activity and everyone cheering for you, your family, your friends, everyone. It would be perfect but that is not how it happens most of the time.

I remember when I started Taekwondo back in Chile in 95. I already had problems with my weight, my self-esteem was not the best and as soon as I took my first exam, I remember my stepfather’s comments: “you should forget that”, “ you have no agility for the martial arts ”. To make matters worse, my grandfather instead of defending me, also put me down, leaving me in a level of discouragement that made me give up after 5-6 months of training although I liked it a lot. Years later, specifically in August 2007, already in Brazil, when I finally surrendered and passed the black belt, it was impossible not to remember those words and “incentives”. As well ? I should be angry, right? In fact, this is personal and for me, this negative energy that came so close, discouraged me and made me give up but I did not forget my dream and the long-dreamed black belt is mine and nobody takes it off.

The same thing has been happening since I started running. This time the comments do not come from my family, but from people I know, who think that from the comfort of their homes they can give an opinion regarding what I can or cannot do. I had coworkers who made jokes for months due to my obsession training at dawn or sometimes when I traveled after work to another city just to participate in a race. He was called crazy. I heard it a thousand times: “you run and run and remain fat”, “what do you run for? It never wins ”. Comments like that are normal and I believe that I am not the only runner who experiences this.

The important thing is what you are going to do with these comments. Will you let people discourage you or will you keep trying to achieve your goal? It doesn’t matter what you crave. It can be from losing a couple of kilos, to running professionally. Does not matter. The goal is yours and the victory is yours alone. Don’t let anyone get in your way. Don’t even think about giving up.

Your “black belt” is waiting for you …

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